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air conditioner scroll compressor

2018/6/25 viewers
  • BrandMONDE
  • TypeDM24A6

DM24A6  24CC 24V DC displacement:24cc rated voltage:24v 

rotated speed:1800-6000

dc 24v air compressor

refrigerant capacity(3000 rpm) 1.89kw /6400 Btu/hr
input power 1.02 KW
current 43A
refrigerant capacity(4000 rpm) 2.58kw /8800 Btu/hr
input power 1.36KW
current 58A
refrigerant capacity(6000 rpm) 4.00kw /13600 Btu/hr
input power 2.16 KW
current 100A
test condition Pd/Ps=1.47/0.196 Mpa(G) SC=5℃  SH=10℃  
Usable range
evaporated temperature 12 °F ~  70°F         
condenser temperature 77 °F ~  167°F
compression ratio 8.0 MAX     
refrigerant R134a         
start temperature -26 °F ~ 158 °F       
working temperature -26 °F ~ 212 °F 
storing temperature -40 °F ~ 221 °F        
Compressor parameter
discharge capacity 24.0 cc/rev
weight 5.5kg
oil charge 100cc  PVE oil
refrigerant capacity 800cc
rotated speed rang 1800rpm---6000 rpm
safety valve pressure 4.0 Mpa
cover protection level IP67
motor coil temperature 248°F MAX
discharge temperature 239°F MAX
Motor parameter
motor type PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor
rated tortue 3.10 Nm
max tortue refer to diagram
Drive parameter
max power 2400W
working frequency 30HZ-120HZ
over heating protection 212°F
low voltage protection 20V
over voltage protection 31V
soft hardware overload yes
control method (common way) 1, pwm  2,gear 3,can 4-----

We can supply other DC air conditioner scroll compressor,  Voltage from 12V to 312V.

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